What is a ToldYa store?

The ToldYa store is a portable e-commerce web application that allows to you buy and sell among friends directly on your favorite social networks, blogs or websites. It can easily be copied and shared and any number of copies can be run at the same time. When viewing your store, friends or visitors can see what you have for sale and buy directly from you using any major credit card, all without leaving the page they're currently visiting.


Your store is loaded with cool features to help you sell your stuff fast:

navigation buttons

Forward and back navigation buttons allow your friends or visitors to quickly browse through everything you have for sale.

upload multiple images

Upload Up to four images per item - to give everyone a good look at what you're selling.

image zoom

Image zoom - allows visitors to zoom in on any image in your store to take a closer look.

item description

Item description - You can type up to 5000 characters to provide a complete description of each item you're selling.

integrated cart

Integrated shopping cart - allows friends and visitors to purchase multiple items from you at the same time and to add or remove items or change quantities as needed.

integrated checkout

Integrated secure checkout allows friends and visitors to securely buy your stuff right from your store.

shipping quotes

Real-time shipping quotes are calculated for any shippable product you're selling.

integrated video

Integrated video player allows you to include your own video of whatever you're selling to help you sell it faster.

custom cover image

Custom cover image allows you to create and upload your own custom graphic or message to be shown when your store first appears.

sold out icon

Sold out icon - If you sell an item, you store(s) will automatically update to show the item is sold out. You can update the qty you have in stock at any time. Likewise, expired events will automatically be hidden and can be shown again by resetting the date.

verified seller icon

Verified seller icon - adds an extra level of trust to your store and helps buyers shop more confidently.


Accept credit cards without having a business or merchant account.

Slide show mode - If you have multiple items for sale, your items will automatically be displayed as a slide show until your store is interacted with.

Automatic updates - you can add, change or remove the items you have for sale at any time and all copies of your store will instantly and automatically update to reflect your changes.

Scrolling titles - longer item names automatically scroll

Themes (coming soon) lets you customize the color scheme of your store to match your site or blog.


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