What delivery options can I offer?

If you're selling a new or used product, you can choose from 3 different delivery options.

Type of item you're selling Delivery Options you can support

New or used product

- Pickup only
- Pickup or Delivery (default)
- Delivery only

Personal or
professional services


Tickets to an Event


Pickup only - choose this option if you want to sell items that are either too big to ship or that you don't want to ship and therefore must be picked up from you directly. Examples of items that are too big to ship include furniture, used cars, etc. When you choose this option, items you're selling are clearly marked 'PICKUP ONLY' so buyers will know they will have to pick them up. Your city and state are shown in your store to help buyers decide if they live close enough to you for their purchase to be practical.
Pickup or Delivery - this is the default option. It allows buyers to choose during checkout whether they prefer to have you ship the item to them or whether they want to pick up the item directly from you.
Delivery only - choose this option if you only want to ship items and don't want to allow the buyer to select the pickup option during checkout.  

Note: the options shown above are unavailable if you're selling a personal or professional service or tickets to an event, because these items don't get shipped.


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