How else do I make money?

ToldYa has a built-in affiliate networking program that we call the ToldYa Seller Network. The ToldYa Seller Network lets you earn money just by telling your friends about us. This program is built right into your ToldYa seller account and you don't even have to sell anything to start using it.

Here's the good part

We'll deposit $1.00 into your ToldYa seller account for every friend you refer to ToldYa who signs up.

Now, here's the great part

There are a ton of ways to tell your friends about us, and most of them are built right into your store!

Check out all these ways you can earn your cash:

  • Someone joins ToldYa after viewing your store on facebook
  • Someone joins ToldYa after clicking the ToldYa logo or padlock icon in your store
  • Someone joins ToldYa after clicking on one of our banner ads that you placed on your blog or website
  • Someone joins Toldya after visiting your ToldYa seller profile page
  • A friend joins ToldYa after receiving an email you sent them using our promotion tool

Anyone who joins ToldYa for one of the reasons above is automatically added to your ToldYa seller network. So, just by creating your store and using it (or by placing one of our banners on your blog or site), you're effectively beginning to build your network. And because your store can be copied and passed around freely, you can easily wind up earning cash from friends of friends or people you've never even met.

Earn when your friends sell too

So, each person you refer to ToldYa who signs up (i.e. becomes a seller) earns you $1.00. Cool enough, but the fun doesn't stop there. Each new seller you refer is also automatically added to your ToldYa seller network, where you earn a $0.25 commission each time they sell one of their own items!

Example please

  • You list your used KitchenAid toaster and open your new store on your facebook profile. You have 50 friends on facebook (hey, you're cool enough for school, but not that popular).
  • 10 of your friends realize they have stuff to sell too, and decide to join ToldYa.
  • You just earned $10.00 and added 10 new sellers to your network. Way to go!
  • No luck with your toaster, though.
  • Within a week, 4 of your friends sell 1 item each from their own stores. You just earned another $1.00 in commission!
  • Nobody wants your toaster.
  • 6 months later, one of your friends moves to a new apartment and uses their store to sell 10 different items at a super bargain price. You just earned another $2.50 in commission!
  • Did you mention it's a KitchenAid toaster?

So, without even selling your lonely toaster, you've managed to earn $13.50. That's the power of the ToldYa seller network. By continuously earning commissions off of every seller in your network every time they sell something, you've got a pretty powerful way to earn extra money using ToldYa.


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