How do I start selling?

Sign up for your free ToldYa Seller account - Your ToldYa Seller account is where you'll manage your store, view and manage your orders and get your money. Signup is easy and completely free.

Activate your Account - In order to share your store on your profile, blog or website, click the link in your welcome email to verify your email address and activate your account.


Customize your store and your seller profile page - Customize your new store by editing the items you want to sell or adding a custom image or video, changing your preferred delivery or shipping options etc. You also get a custom seller profile page with a custom link (URL) to send your friends to.

Open your store everywhere - Once your account is activated, and your store is configured the way you want, you share it (open it) on multiple profiles, blogs or websites with just a few clicks.

Tell everyone - Use our built-in email promotion tool to tell your friends you've got stuff for sale!


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