How do I promote my store?

ToldYa is loaded with features and tools that help you and your friends quickly and easily promote your store and get your stuff sold fast.

Built into your store:

Copy button - anyone who views your store can easily copy it directly to their own profile, blog or website with just a click or two. In essence, your store is virally capable just like a YouTube™ video.

Share button - Your store's share feature allow friends and visitors to email their friends directly to tell them about any of your items.

Other ways to promote:

Continuous Auto-promotion with Facebook - use our built-in tool to post your store directly to your Facebook wall whenever you like. Friends and friends of friends who see your wall post can click on your store to shop and buy from you, all without leaving Facebook. You can also schedule your wall post to run automatically every day, every other day etc. at whatever time you like. This is a super-powerful way to keep your store visible on Facebook and to help you sell your stuff faster!

Post to Twitter and a host of other popular social sites with a single click. Or embed your store direcly on any website, profile or blog that allows you to past HTML.

Email promotion tool quickly gather email addresses from your Outlook, Gmail, AOL or other webmail accounts and send an email to your friends letting them know you have stuff for sale. Your email message contains a link directly to your custom seller profile page here at If you have lots of contacts, this is an awesome way to reach out quickly. And because the message is coming from you, it's much more likely to be read.



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