API method: view_network

This ToldYa API method allows you to retrieve the list of ToldYa users in your network as well as your total network earnings to date. For more information, click here or click the my network button at the top of this page.

Request Method API Endpoint URL
GET http://toldya.com/api/

Required Parameters

Parameter Data Type Length Notes
action string   view_network
api_key string   Your API key

Optional Parameters (show | hide)

Parameter Data Type Length Notes
page_number number max 10 Specify which page of results to return. If not specified, only the first page of results is returned.
page_size number max 100 Specify how many results to return per page. The default is 20.
order_by string   Comma-separated list of columns you want to sort by. If not specified the API will return records sorted by total (lowest first). If you specify more than one column to sort by, the results will be grouped by the first column, then by the second, etc. You can order_by and of the following columns: first_name, last_name, city, state, created, total.

You can also specify the direction of the sorting by passing ASC or DESC as in the following example which returns the highest grossing network seller first: order_by=total%20DESC

Example Requests

Return the first page of 20 network users sorted by highest earnings first:


Return the 2nd page of network users with 5 users returned per page (will return users 6-10, assuming there are at least 10 users in your network):


Example Response

The following shows example XML returned by the API for this method. The <network_total> node shows the total money you've earned from all users in your network while the <total> node for each <result> shows the total you earned for that particular User.

            <company>Phil&apos;s Stuff</company>


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