API method: view_items

This ToldYa API method allows you to retrieve the list of items you have for sale.

Request Method API Endpoint URL
GET http://toldya.com/api/

Required Parameters

Parameter Data Type Length Notes
action string   view_items
api_key string   Your API key

Optional Parameters (show | hide)

Parameter Data Type Length Notes
item_type_id number 1 Filter the results to a particular item type:
1 = return new or used products only
2 = return personal or professional services only
3 = return tickets to an event only
title string max 50 Search for items matching all or part of the value you provide. For example title=sh would return items with a title of 'Mens Large Shirt' or 'Make a Wish'
category string max 50 Return only those items whose category matches all or part of the value you provide.
min_price number min value .01 Return only items whose price is greater than or equal to the amount you specify.
max_price number max value $9999.99 Return only items whose price is less than or equal to the amount you specify.
order_by string   Comma-separated list of columns you want to sort by. If not specified the API will return records sorted by id (i.e oldest items first). If you specify more than one column to sort by, the results will be grouped by the first column, then by the second, etc. You can order_by any of the following columns: qty_available, created, length, width, height, title, price, category, product_condition, start_time, end_time, item_type_id.

You can also specify the direction of the sorting by passing ASC or DESC as in the following example which returns the highest priced item first: order_by=price%20DESC
is_sold_out boolean   Return only those items that are currently sold out (i.e. whose qty_available = 0)

Example Requests

Return the only new or used products whose minimum price is $100.00:


Return only sold-out items, newest first:


Example Response

The following shows example XML returned by the API for this method. In this example, 2 items are returned.

            <title>Classic 100% Cotton Black Fedora Hat</title>
            <description>Classic 100% Cotton Black Fedora Hat- Chic &amp;amp; sheen looking, this fedora has a sleek feel to it. Ideal for him or her, made from 100% Cotton. Completely classy &amp;amp; a wardrobe must have!</description>
            <product_condition>Used - Mint</product_condition>
            <condition_comment>worn only once</condition_comment>
            <title>Quiksilver Young Men's Snit Longsleeve Knit,Black,Large</title>
            <description>Wear the Quiksilver Snit Crew Long-Sleeve Shirt when the wind changes direction and your bare arms no longer provide you the warmth necessary to survive. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that this cotton-poly sweater shirt adds warmth to your ways.
            Product Features
            - Material: 60% Cotton, 40% polyester
            - Pockets: None 
            - Recommended Use: Streetwear 
            - Manufacturer Warranty: 30 Days</description>

What the columns mean:

  • start_string - for events, this the the date and time the event starts
  • end_string - for events, this is the date and time the event ends
  • url - URL to additional info about the item.
  • url_image1 - url_image4 - the URLs to the various item images (as hosted on toldya.com)
  • item_type_id - identifies the type of item (1 = new or used product, 2 = personal or professional services, 3 = tickets to an event)
  • service_duration_hours - for services, the number of hours the service will be performed
  • service_vendor_name - for services, the description of who will perform the service
  • service_location - for services, this is where the service will be performed


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