Introducing the ToldYa API

The ToldYa API exposes a targeted subset of features of the ToldYa platform to developers. We're adding new capabilities frequently, so check back soon or contact us if you're looking for a feature you don't see.

The ToldYa API accepts GET or POST requests to the primary API endpoint URL ( and returns one or more results in XML format. In general, you will send requests via GET when retrieving information and via POST when adding, removing or updating information.

Your Toldya API key

Join ToldYa or Login to get your API key

Your ToldYa API key is required in order to use the ToldYa API. Store the key in a safe location and do not share it with anyone. Your key must be submitted with each request in order to authorize the request.

Common parameters

All API requests MUST include the following parameters:

Parameter Name Description Example(s)
action The name of the method/action you want to perform create_user, view_network, view_items, add_item, remove_item, update_item, get_store
api_key Your private ToldYa API key/password XYz123AbC678pDqPYT

Using the API

To use the ToldYa API, you perform the following steps:

  1. Decide which method you want to call by browsing the available methods.
  2. Prepare your request according to the documentation for the selected method.
  3. Send your request to the ToldYa API endpoint URL
  4. Parse the XML response for the requested data or for any error messages.


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