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The ToldYa Store™ lets you buy and sell products, services and tickets to events among friends on social networks, blogs and web sites. You can create and copy your store directly to your profiles (such as MySpace, Facebook and others) as well as your own blog or website. And you also get a custom store page here at to link to. Your customizable ToldYa store features an integrated secure checkout system that lets you accept major credit cards for any purchase. And you can personalize and promote your store to help you sell your stuff fast. You can even earn money by telling your friends. And best of all, it doesn't cost you a penny until your item sells!

Example Stores


  • Sell just about anything including new or used products, personal or professional services.
  • Fully portable. Copy your store to ALL your profiles, blogs or websites with just a few clicks.
  • Fully social. Automatically ‘tweets' for you to keep your friends and followers posted. Friends can help you sell your stuff by copying your store from your profile to theirs.
  • No technical skills required. We handle the technical stuff so you don't have to.
  • Free to create and use. Create your free store and start selling in about 5 minutes. Pay nothing until your item sells.
  • We don't get in the middle of your money. Integrates easily with your PAYPAL account or existing payment system. Custom integrations available upon request.
  • Allow Pickup and/or Delivery. Ship your stuff via UPS or USPS or you can sell stuff that's too big to ship (think furniture, vehicles, etc).
  • Add custom images and/or video. Personalize your store with your own custom image or video to help you sell your stuff even faster.
  • Easy order management. View, manage, ship and track your orders from one easy screen.
  • Analyze and track your performance. See who's checking out your store and what they're doing.
  • Earn money by telling your friends. Earn $1.00 for every friend you get to join, earn a commission when they sell their stuff too!